Saturday, May 22, 2010

Natasha's Graduation

So Kairington and I went away for the weekend and it was a great trip...very fast though. We left Logan Saturday afternoon around 1:30 and drove down to Salt Lake to catch our flight. It took a little creative thinking to get a baby, a diaper bag, a carry on bag, a stroller and a baby car seat from the parking lot to the shuttle, but we made it, then it was even more tricky to get all of that through security, but we made it without any big issues and had about an hour to kill while we waited for flight. Kairington was the best baby, she didn't cry on the drive down to Salt lake, nor on the shuttle or at all at the air port...she just played with her toys and watched people. Then we got on our first flight to Denver and actually had an empty seat next to us, so I sat her down and turned on Einstein and she watched it half the flight and then the other half decided to take a nap. Then in Denver, we just had time to get off one plane and get onto the next one. This flight was full, but Kairington was once again a perfect child. I fed her some baby food while we waited to take off, then she played for a little bit and then fell asleep the rest of the flight. We got into Omaha about 9:45 or so and Tasha and Chris were waiting for us. We went to dads and chatted for a little bit and then we headed to bed. Kairington slept straight through the night and I had to wake her up to get ready for church. Then she sat quietly on Grandpa Wright's lap or Uncle Garth's lap the whole time at church. Then we were off to Tasha's graduation. It started at 1 and we thought it wouldn't go any longer than an hour and then we figured 1/2 an hour for pictures....WRONG! It didn't get over until almost 3, so we took some quick pictures and fought our way through the crowd and went home. We eat some dinner while Kairington slept for a couple of hours. Then Tasha wanted to show me her apartment, so we headed over there for most of the evening until it was bed time. Then I got Kairington to sleep, packed our bag and went to bed. Once again,Karington slept through the night and probably wasn't too excited to get woken up at 5 in the morning, but we had to catch our flight. She pretty much slept for both of our flights home and on the drive home, but was well rested and happy to see everyone at home. We got home just in time for me to get lunch for the kids while Mike went down and worked. All in all it was a great trip, wish it was a little longer, but could not have asked for a better 6 month old to travel with that is for sure. Thanks to my great husband for watching the other 2 kids and let me go to support my sister. I couldn't ask for a better husband...Love Ya Mike!!

Tasha & Mo Brown (They are besties)

Tasha made it!!

Tasha & I (The favorite sister!)
Tasha & Kairington

I think Tasha likes Kairington...just a little bit!

Tasha & Garth...I dont think she knew who to look at, Dad or I

Tasha & Chris
Tasha & Thayne

Tasha & Dad...he is done, all his kids are graduated!

What? You don't let your kid chew on cords!?!

Kairington is all smiles!

Kairington not sure about siting by herself

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